Marilyn's Orff Arrangements

For years I've had people ask me if the arrangements I wrote for my workshops and courses were published. Now they are! I hope you will enjoy teaching these to your music classes and choirs.

These Silver and Gold Series are comprised of books of children's choral arrangements  that use Orff instruments for their accompaniment. The arrangements are in two and three parts, but the part writing is based on easy ways for children to sing in parts.  Some parts are ostinati, some are melodic, and some are parts that “waterfall” off melodic notes down to harmony notes temporarily before returning to the melody.

Each book contains:

•  full score for the teacher

•  separate vocal parts

•  separate instrumental parts

•  detailed lesson plan for each song

The vocal parts and instrumental parts that are included can be used by the teacher to create visuals to aid in the teaching. Some arrangements in the series that have three parts also have a two part version included, and some of the Gold Series arrangements include easy soprano recorder parts.

The “Silver Series" was written for choirs or classes that have little or no experience singing in parts.
The “Gold Series" was written for choirs or classes that have more experience singing in parts.

Silver Series, Book I

Gold Series, Book I

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